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  • Are Alegra products also exported to other countries?

    Yes, today Alegra exports to more than 20 countries, exporting about 30% of its production.

    What is the Intercooperation?

    It is the union of Frisia, Castrolanda and Capal, cooperatives of Dutch origin, which resulted in the Industrial Unit of Meats, whose trust and quality gave rise to the brand Alegra.

    When did Alegra begin its operations?

    Beginning of the works - January 2013
    Carcass production - January 2015
    Cuts - February 2015
    Industrialized - August 2015

    When it comes to sustainability, what does Alegra have to show?

    We have an absorption system, where we make the air conditioning of all the productive areas and heat 50 m³ of water at 50 degrees centigrade per hour - Spray Absorption, reduces about 1400 CV of consumption in the engine room and reduces the need to burn firewood for producing steam and heating water. We also have a system for collecting rainwater and water from the internal asphalt. This water is taken to the lagoon and reduces the need for water abstraction of the river in the equivalence of 01 month per year according to the region's annual rainfall level. We do specific treatment of the water after treatment of the effluent, with chlorination and filtration and this water is used for washing trucks, pens and sidewalks.

    Why is the name Alegra?

    Alegra suggests joy, happiness, contentment, and the meaning of this name must lend itself to positive associations in the sense of well-being and taste. An easy-to-remember name that sounds well to the ear, whose repetition of the vowel "a" at the beginning and end of the word follows the technique used by other major brands in the market, with a soft sonority, non-aggressive and and easy “catchy” in people's ears.

    In which states is Alegra present?

    Alegra products are already present in almost 2,500 points of sale spread throughout Paraná, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, soon arriving in the entire Northeast and South of the country.

    How do I make a technical visit to Alegra?

    You must send a request to the e-mail comunicacaoalegra@castrolanda.coop.br, informing the purpose of the visit and suggestion of date, after the analysis of the request we will contact for positive or negative return.

  • Are your products naturally smoked?

    Yes. Contrary to what many companies use of alternative processes, such as the use of liquid smoke, with an artificial flavor, all our products that are cooked (Bacon, calabrian sausage, Paio, Portuguese, smoked ham, smoked sirloin) are smoked naturally , through the burning of imported firewood, which brings characteristic flavor and color and natural protection. It is worth remembering that natural smoke is one of humankind's oldest food preservation methods.

    What kind of products do you work with?

    Smoked sausages, easy cut line, smoked, fresh sausages, hams, salamis and cappicola, seasoned, gourmet line, ingredients for feijoada, savory cuts, cuts in natura.

    I bought a product and it presented problems, what do I do?

    Please contact our CSC (Customer Service Center) by e-mail at sac@alegrafoods.com.br or by 0800 646 1050.

    Where do I find recipes with Alegra products?

    You can find several Alegra recipes on our website, under the "Recipes" and "News" tab, and also on our Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/alegrafoods and Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AlegraFoods/

    Is the line of encased meats totally lactose free?

    Our whole line is totally free of milk protein and contains no trace of it. Our industry has strict allergen control to ensure that all products can be safely consumed.

    (Português) Onde encontrar os produtos Alegra?

    (Português) Estamos presentes em centenas de supermercados! Para facilitar a sua busca, use a nossa ferramenta e veja onde tem Alegra perto de você.

  • Is pork fat? / Is it healthy?

    It all depends on the cut of the meat. Research has shown that some pork cuts are leaner than chicken. Remembering that for a balanced diet, the ideal is that you always balance the different food groups, according to the recommendation of a specialist.

    Can you make sausage without fat?

    Alegra Foods is already working on developments like these, an example is the 0% Lactose line and the next step is to present something that meets your needs.

    (Português) Como enviar currículo?

    (Português) Ficamos muito contentes com o seu interesse em fazer parte da família Alegra! Clique aqui para conferir nossas vagas disponíveis e realizar o seu cadastro.

    (Português) Quais são as vagas disponíveis?

    (Português) Nossas vagas são publicadas regularmente no Vagas.com, acesse aqui.


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