5 million kilos of food per month produced in one of the most modern plants in Latin America.

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From family to family

The union of Frísia, Castrolanda and Capal, cooperatives of Dutch origin, resulted in the Industrial Meat Unit, whose trust and quality gave rise to the brand Alegra.

A company that knows that the best end product is the combination of ideal working conditions, technology, state-of-the-art equipment, concern for animal welfare and sustainability of the industrial park.

This is Alegra Foods, your new brand of pork, guaranteed quality and provenance, from our family to yours and your customers.


Being an innovative cooperative dedicated to agribusiness, solid, agile that applies the best techniques of management, satisfies the expectations of its internal and external clients, seeks the continuous improvement of the quality of life of its members and collaborators and produces consistent results, comparable to market leaders.



Generate value to the cooperative, maintaining the Cooperative’s sustainable development.



Transparency, ethics, creativity, appreciation of people, commitment, leadership, union, socio-environmental responsibility, loyalty, entrepreneurship, competence, generating results.


Produce and deliver food with sustainability, high quality, innovation, convenience and reliability.

Structure and Technology

A prepared industry

The entire 45,000 m² structure receives investments in technology to offer the best meat production conditions, with less handling and minimal risk of contamination. Alegra Foods supplies and debons more than 3,000 pigs a day and industrializes more than 2,000 tonnes per month. The industry is already prepared for future expansion, and can reach the slaughtering capacity of 9,000 heads a day.

Corporate Responsibility

Our products are free from contamination, controlled by the Quality Assurance and by the Ministry of Agriculture.

We invest in modern equipment, little manipulation and strict sanitation control. Therefore, export-oriented products also have all the necessary certifications to serve various markets around the world.

A human industry

Alegra employs more than 1,000 direct employees and involves more than 4,400 families from the Campos Gerais, promoting agribusiness and collaborating with the development of the region.

We treat all people with respect and atention, especially taking care of the well-being of the employees. Working hours are adequate and our equipment and work stations have appropriate ergonomics.  We aim at safety and quality of life for all.

It is the dedicated work of the Paraná producer embracing the world.

Proudly produced in Brazil, Alegra products advance frontiers by their quality. Today, food is exported to more than 30 countries around.


An intelligent industry

Sustainability is the key point of our production, so our investments are planned since project design, ensuring economy and smart use of natural resources.

The absorption system, which takes advantage of the heat generated in the industrial process, reduces the consumption of electric energy by 12%. Alegra is a pioneer in Brazil in the use of this technology.

In addition, the use of rainwater reduces the need to capture water from rivers. This savings equals one month of consumption per year.

The effluent treatment process is also modern and innovative, ensuring compliance with the legal parameters for liquid waste disposal.

Animal welfare

The quality of the Alegra products begins in the modern Piglet Production Unit, which has a strict hygienic control. The strategic location allows controlling the sanitary isolation and the rapid flow of production.

The animals receive veterinary follow-up before proceeding to the producers and are fed with the Capal ration, produced in its own state-of-the-art units.

The animals are transported to the Industrial Meat Unit in their own vehicles, sanitized and inspected at each trip. The slaughter is accompanied by the Federal Inspection Unit, which allows the meat to be distributed throughout Brazil and exported to several countries.

Human well-being

Alegra’s employees work in optimal conditions of ergonomics and health, with medical supervision and safety at work. This care includes attention to ambient light, noise level and temperature. Employees participate in integration and personal development programs, and have adequate hours with breaks for leisure and rest.

Environmental well-being

The Piglet Production Unit reuses 40% of the treated water, which is used to clean the waste channels or to irrigate farms. The production of biogas heats the water used by the employees, the floor of the maternity of the pigs and the air of the nursery where the piglets are.

Whereas at the Industrial Meat Unit, a system guarantees rainwater harvesting directly from roofs and paving. In addition, the plant of this Unit was designed to ensure the preservation of nearby water sources.

The wood used in the processes comes from the reuse or reforestation of the cooperatives. The industry has an intelligent and innovative system of energy use, which reuses the vapors that would be released into the atmosphere, using them for their own resources. An economy of up to 12% of energy.


Certifications that prove the quality of the Alegra products!

Certificate - Animal Welfare

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